Welcome to my affiliate page for Replace Your Mortgage.  I am Kim Spittel.  

Whether you stopped on this page by accident, intentionally, or you were just clicking around, I have to ask:

  • are you willing to ‘think outside the box’?
  • are you prepared to have everything you know about financing a home turned upside down?
  • Or, maybe you were like me — why do the banks make things so difficult?  There’s got to be something that the banks are not telling me!

Well, Michael Lush, founder / owner of Replace Your Mortgage explains it all.  His e-book is just the tip of the iceberg!!! 

Let me back up and tell you my experiences.

Over the years my husband, Tucker, and I have had a variety of mortgages.  Our first was a balloon mortgage and we got some sort of first timer mortgage special.  Then we refinanced into a normal mortgage which was sold from the original bank to another.  Refinanced again, sold again.  That mortgage we tried to refinance just to a lower rate but were denied.

Basically, because we were refinancing so often, we were never able to get enough equity into our home.  However, none of the banks suggest that we use our savings to move forward either! 

These are just examples of our situation if you looked at us as a normal, dual income family!  Now let’s add in our small business.  After several years, business is growing and we need to expand.  Several times, the initial discussions with bankers included “yes, we can work with you.”  But the banks denied us time and time again.  Reasons varied.  One banker said he cannot compare apples to oranges - he was saying the rent we paid to the landlord (in the current business plan) could not be acknowledged as a payment to a mortgage (in the new business plan). 

This is when I screamed to the universe:  How do we get ahead???  What is it that I am missing?  There’s got to be something the banks are not telling us!  I researched everything under the sun to figure it out.  Many times the research said one thing but meant another!  Often articles just restated the basic norms to get your mortgage paid off by putting a few extra dollars each month towards your principal or pay 1/2 in the middle of the month and the balance on the due date. We already had incorporated these 2 strategies into our mortgage payments!

Then, while on Facebook, there’s the words, “Pay off your mortgage in 5-7 years.”  I noted the phrase used the word ‘off’.  I was positive they meant to use the word ‘down’ and wondered how much down meant.  So I clicked …

NO WAY!  This IS totally different!

For several days I researched this theory/process.  I got the free e-book and studied it!  I used the calculator on the website—several different times because I thought it was broken!  I typed it out in my own spread sheets!  I watched and re-watched the videos including all the testimonials. 

NO WAY!  This cannot be!  The word ‘off’ means ‘off’!  The math says so!!! 

How do I explain this to Tucker?!  He’s going to think I really need to be in the loony bin!! 

Well, we booked a call.  We stumped Jason with a few questions which led us to a second.  With minimal hesitation, at the end of the second call, we signed up as a Platinum Member. 

I was so excited to get started with my new education - and nervous at the same time!  My gut said we are finally on the right path.  My head (based on past knowledge) was saying “beware and don’t be surprised when it all falls apart!”  So, I made a promise to myself:

  1. Learn all that you can.
  2. Practice everything taught.
  3. Follow discussions on Facebook Group.
  4. Be willing to ask for help

The learning was easy.  Michael’s videos are PACKED full of everything you need to know. The folks in the Facebook Group are very supportive!

Calling the banks was nerve wracking for me, at first .  I remember using the chat box and asking Michael if it was ok to have butterflies.  He replied back, “why?”.  Now, I can say, with an LOL - “he’s right!” 

Once we chose a bank, it took about 8 weeks for approval.  Because of an 18 day vacation, we signed on November 8, 2019!  By the 14th, our last mortgage was paid off and we had our first ‘1st position HELOC’!  Also, I quickly set up a timeline for paying off the trucks and trailer. 

This was sooooo cool!  I wanted to share RYM with Everyone!  But, my past head knowledge made me

decide to wait at least 6 months just to see what happens. 

We were moving along, then COVID-19 hit.  At first I freaked out.  My past knowledge was saying,

“Here it is!  The time when all will fall apart and it will probably be worse than ever before!” But my gut

and the math was saying… “ALL is GOOD!”  I went back to my spread sheets and played ‘what if’s’. 

Low and behold, the numbers worked—just like we are taught!

As of this writing, we are 13 months into our first HELOC.  Two truck loans and trailer loan have been

paid 'off'.  The balance due on the house has been dropped by $13,000!  We are on target to pay it 'off'

in another 5 1/2 years!!!  Yes, that word is 'off'.  Meaning we will be debt free!  No house loan, no truck

loans, no trailer loan, no credit card debt.  Everything we own will be 'free and clear'!

Are you ready to have all that you know about home financing turned upside down and truly see how

you can pay OFF your mortgage in 5 - 7 years?

Then click to learn more…

After listening to Michael and if you still have questions, please let me know! (Use the Contact Us page.)
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