Phase Three

for dogs who have completed phase 2 *

     This program includes more technical marked retrieves on land and water, more dynamic blind retrievers with diversions and other distractions.   Marks will include advanced and difficult doubles and triples.  Attitude of the dog is addressed with lots of therapy marks.  During this time, work continues on the foundation of the previous training until the dog becomes more and more consistent with such retrievers.  Consistent training is required.

Phase Four

for dogs who have completed phase 3*.

     This level is for the handler/owner who wishes to be competitive with their dog in hunt tests and/or field trials.  Consistent training is required!

Tucker will coach you and your hunting companion to be better than you can imagine.  But you and your canine do the work!

Puppy Development

& Sociallization

for 8 weeks to 4 months old puppies for all dogs*.

     We believe a well trained and exercised dog/puppy is a good dog/puppy.  Here the handler/owner is taught some techniques and drills that will help build a good foundation for future training.  This is a one on  one training program between trainer, handler and puppy.   At the end of each session, 'basic homework' is assigned.  About 6 sessions, approximately one hour each, will give the puppy an excellent start to his future.

Training Program

Obedience Training

for the Family Paws

for puppies and dogs 8 weeks and older*.

     Here the owner, dog and family are taught some techniques and drills that will help build a good relationship among all for a lifetime.  Patience, discipline and understanding are the pre-requisites for all attendees.

Phase One

for 4 to 6 months old puppies *

     Here the handler/owner is taught to give the puppy simple marked retrieves and continues obedience work.  Simple handling drills are covered to begin teaching blind retrieves building into Phase 2 training.  By appointment only, each session is about one hour each.


Phase Two

for 6 months old puppies-adult teeth must have developed*.

     At this stage force fetching and collar conditioning are taught.  Marked retrieves continues with expansion to double retrieves and simple triple retrievers.  "Steadiness" and "Delivery to Hand" is enforced.  More defined skills are taught for the Blind Retrievers via the 'double tee', starting simple 'pattern blinds' and 'swim-by' (weather permitting).  If upland hunting is your preference, 'quartering skills' will be taught during this program.  At the finish of this program, the dog will be considered a good hunting retriever.

     This program varies over a time period up to 6 months based on the progression of the dog, weather, and consistency of training.  Daily training for the first 8 weeks covers the initial force fetching and collar conditioning and is required in order to complete the Phase 2 training program.  The dog can be boarded and trained by Todd or daily training appointments are available for the first 8 weeks.  Once force fetching and collar conditioning is 'complete' weekly and bi-weekly sessions follow.

*All training is based on the advancement of your dog not just the dog's age.  Age is used as a general guideline.  Training advances with the desire and trainability of the dog as well as a commitment by the owner/handler.

** Daily appointments are  for the handler who wants to take part in training their own dog.  With each appointment you will be taught and coached as the dog progresses through the program(s) including specific drills to be practiced between appointments.

***Boarded Training allows Todd to train the dog for the owner.  Owners are encouraged to visit and see how the dog is progressing.  This keeps familiarity between the owner and the dog so the owner can handle the dog when that training phase is finished.

please contact Todd for details.

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